Welcome to Get Started with HR-ON Recruit. HR-ON Recruit is a platform that is easy to get started with, and if you should have any questions you can find the answer in the following guides.

We recommend that you are logged into your HR-ON Recruit account while you go through these set-ups. It is our experience that this will be beneficial when you are still getting to know the in and outs of the system through these guides. 

Get Started with HR-ON Recruit is divided into Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1: contains all the guides about setting up the platform.

Step 2: contains all the guides that will help you to set-up your first job ad.

Once you have completed Get Started you can move on to Get on well with HR-ON Recruit. This section contains different modules that you can use in random order.

In these guides you will meet these four boxes that will each help you to get comfortable HR-ON Recruit. The boxes are easy to spot and you can easily find your way back to your point of origin after reading through them. The boxes contain sections from the platform, reflection tasks, examples and short notes.


We are excited to get you started with HR-ON Recruit.

The first settings we will go over are Company Account and Departments.

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