In this guide we will go over the set-up of your company account and your departments including:



Go over and adjust the company account


Once you are logged into your HR-ON Recruit account, you can head to settings > company account to see the information the system already has on your company. Usually, it is only the company name. 


When you click on edit you can add CVR-number as well as upload your logo. In the field company website, you can add the URL of your website. This information will be used when you send out emails and publish your job ads on different job portals. 


Add departments


Once you have access to your account, it is an important step to create all the different departments of your company. You can do this by going to settings > departments. 


You are the ones that decide how you want to use departments. You can create every single one of your departments, or you can set it up differently depending on your needs. 




When you create a job ad, you assign it to a department. This means that the users who are members of this department can access the job(if they have been added to recruitment board).


When you create a new user, it is mandatory to assign this person to a department.


In this guide, you have been introduced to, what is important to add to your Company account. Furthermore, you have learned about the importance of creating departments. The next guide we will cover Users. 

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