This guide will go over the menu item Users, and below you will learn more about how you create users. We will go over the following: 



Roles: Company administrators, department administrators and user


Before you create new users for your HR-ON Recruit account, it is relevant to know the three roles of your account which are: company administrator, department administrator and user. 




Once a user has been assigned a role in the system, the rights of this role will automatically be applied. 


How to create new users


To create a new user go to settings > users and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create User
  2. You must fill out the required fields Name, Title, and E-mail 
  3. Don’t forget to add the users mobile number as they will need this number for the two factor authentication text message
  4. By ticking the box ‘Generate password’ you can automatically generate a password or you can come up with one yourself 
  5. The next field allows you to turn certain functions on or off. If the user needs access to the system right away, don’t forget to tick the box ‘Send login info via email’. 
  6. To assign a role to the user you must either tick the box ‘Company Administrator’ or scroll down to paragraph regarding departments, choose department and then tick the box ‘Department Administrator’ or leave these boxes blank to choose the role ‘User’. 
  7. Attach the user to one or more departments. To add more than one department, click on add on the right.


  8. Click on ‘Create’. The login information will now be send to the new user. 

Send new password


If a HR-ON Recruit user needs a new password, you can easily send a new one by clicking on Settings > Users. Follow these steps: 


  1. Tick the box next to the user or users that need a new password
  2. Scroll down to the bottom menu and click on send temporary password
  3. A pop-up window will appear to let you know that a password has been sent


Shortly here after, the user will receive an email with the new password as well as a link to the login page. Make sure you check your spam filter if you can’t locate the email. Once the user has logged into their account, they can change the password by clicking on the arrow next to their name in the upper right corner. Click on edit and type in the new password. 


How to change password


If a user needs to change their password click on the arrow next to their name in the upper right corner. Click on edit and type in the new password in the ‘Password’ field. Repeat the password in the next line and click on save


Edit the information or rights of an existing user


To edit a user's information after the creation of their account go to settings > users, and click on edit next to the user name. You can now edit name, rights, department, password and more. 


The user itself is able to edit various personal information, but not their rights. The user can do so by clicking on the arrow next to their name in the upper right corner. Click on edit. This allows the user to edit information or deactivate notification email when an application has been received. 


The next guide will go over System notifications

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