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What is a job ad template?


With the job ad template function you can create the foundation for your job ads that you can reuse over and over. For example, you can add a text that should always be included in your job ads. It can always be used to make sure that the style of your job ads always have the same type of visual appearance for the headlines (who are we, who are we seeking, employee benefits etc.)


How to create a job ad template


To create a new job ad template go to settings > Job ad templates and follow these steps: 


  1. Click on create job ad template
  2. Assign a name for the template
  3. Fill out the text in the editor-field
  4. If you wish to add a photo to the template, but do not want to use this exact photo every time you use the template, click on add photo placeholder in the bottom of the editor. This will place a grey box in the template where the user who is creating the job ad can add a photo of their choice. 
  5. Conclude by clicking on create. 




How to use a job ad template


To use the template for a job ad scroll down to the field Job ad. Next to the headline Job Ad Template you can choose the template from the dropdown list. The template will now be moved to the editor-field, and you can now type out the rest of the job ad. You have the option of editing the added text. 

The next guide will go over consents.

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