This guide will go over consents and show you how to set it up on your account. We will go over:



What are consents?


To put it simply, consent is when the candidate agrees to letting you handle their data during and after the recruitment process. The candidate can give their consent right before they turn in their application. 


To allow candidates to give their consent you first need to set it up in your HR-ON Recruit account. When you activate this function, you automatically live up to the EU's general data protection regulation - also known as the GDPR requirements. 




If a consent option is attached to the job ad the candidates need to consider whether they allow you to store their data for an extended time beyond the recruitment process itself. If the candidate does not consent, their data will automatically be deleted once the status of the job ad is switched to completed. This means that you will avoid accidentally storing information without the applicant's consent. 





To setup consent go to settings > consent.


  1. This will give you an overview of all the pre-made consents you can find in HR-ON Recruit. You can find a template of what a consent could look like. It is our recommendation that you edit this template so it reflects the needs of your organization. 
  2. To create a new consent click on create consent. This will open the window you can see below:

  3. In the consent template you have to set up the different fields, which we will go over here:
  • Template type: Choose between “Consent to data handling” and “Consent to obtaining recommendations” or “Other consent”
  • Number of days until the consent must be renewed: Set the duration time of the consent’s validity. The duration is set in a number of days e.g. 180 days equals 6 months.
  • Template name: assign a fitting name for the template. 
  • Accessible for: Decide on who can access the consent template
  • Language: Choose the language of the consent 
  • Consent indication deadline: This function is only relevant in the cases where the candidates are asked if they would like to renew their consent or in cases where the consent is issued to the candidate afterwards. If you write 14, the candidate has 14 days to declare their consent counting from the day they receive the email. 
  • Confirmation email: Choose whether you would like the candidate to receive an email confirmation in regards to their consent. If you want the system to automatically send out a confirmation email, you can create a template for this by heading to settings > Email templates. Choose the type “(AUTO) Consent granted - confirmation for candidate”. Learn more about email templates here.  
  • Consent text: Write the contents of the consent here.
  • Acceptance text: Write the acceptance text here e.g. “I accept the terms and conditions” or “I approve”, or a third option. 


2. Click on Save to conclude. 


Email templates and consents


Before you use the consent function, it is a good idea to go over the different email templates that can be affiliated with the consent. You can find the template here settings > email templates. Here you will find different templates that all have the title CONSENT. Go over these and edit them accordingly, if they do not reflect the voice of your organization. 


You also have the option of creating an entirely new template by clicking on create email template. Please make sure that you need to choose the right template if you wish to create automatically generated consents. This type of template is called (AUTO) Issue consent. Learn more about email templates here.  


Attach consent to a job ad


This step is important to make sure that the consent function works accurately. Once the consent has been created and the email templates are set up, the consent needs to be attached to every job ad you post. Follow this guide if you want to learn how to attach consent to a job ad


Issue consents to the candidates 


Should you need to issue a consent for a specific candidate, this is easily done by following these steps: 


  1. Find the candidate and tick the box next to their name


     2. Scroll to the bottom and click on issue consents.


3. The following image will appear: 




  • Template: Choose the consent template you would like to send to the candidate
  • Email template: Choose the email template that includes the consent to send to the candidate 
  • Title and content, acceptance text, days until acceptance and duration time: These fields are automatically filled in once you decide on a template 
  • Renew consent: This field is editable. You can choose between Never, Once or Ongoing. If you choose Once or Ongoing more fields will appear where you need to choose between Consent template at renewal and Email template at renewal. 

4. To issue the consent through email click on save and issue consent. The candidate will receive an email with a link where they can access the consent. Should the candidate accept, their consent will appear under their profile in the tab consent. 


The next guide will go over social media settings

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