This guide will go over the function photo archive, and how you can use it. We will go over the following:


What is the photo archive?

The photo archive lets you upload photos that you can use for your job postings. Once you have added a photo to the archive, they are accessible for your users that can create job postings. This way, they have multiple photos to choose from when they post the job. 


How to use the photo archive

To upload photos to the archive go to settings > photo archive. Then click on upload and choose the photo from your computer. You can upload as many photos as you need to. 


If you have many photos it can be useful to divide them into folders. Click on create folder and assign a name for the folder. Choose whether the entire organization should have access to the photos or just a department. Conclude by clicking on create folder


To upload photos to the folder, go to the folder and click on upload. 


How to add a photo from the archive to your job posting

To add a photo from your archive to your job posting, go to job postings > create job post. Then click on the job posting and next click on where in the text  you want to add the photo. You can replace the photo once it has been added. 


Click on the photo icon in the formatting bar as pictured below. You can now see the photo archive. Locate the photo you want to add and pull it into the job posting's  text field. The photo has now been added.  



In this guide, we have walked you through function Photo archive and how to upload pictures. You can use them over and over again in your job postings.

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