This guide will go over the function System Notifications, which you can find in Settings. This guide covers the following:


What is a system notification?


By sending out a system notification you can deliver smaller messages to your employees that will appear once they log into your HR-ON Recruit account. This can be relevant in multiple situations. 


For example, if you are a big company or organization and you want to let the entire group of staff members know that they no longer need to create anymore job ads within a specific field, you can easily get this message across through a system notification. It is also possible to send out notifications for administrators or certain departments only. 


System notification types


When you create a system notification (learn more about this below), you can choose between different types. For instance, one that appears as a pop-up window, a bar in the bottom of the screen or simply a message in the field System notifications that you can find on the HR-ON Recruit frontpage. 


These are the different types of system notifications:


Standard: A blue box that will appear in the upper right corner. This could be a notification notifying you of system downtime. 


Alert: An orange box, shown in the upper right corner. This could alert the users of recruitment freeze in the organization.


Critical: Appears as a larger sized red box on the bottom of the site. This could be used when unexpected site shutdowns happen. 




Create a system notification


To create a system notification go to settings > system notifications and follow these instructions:


  1. Click on create system notifications
  2. Add a title
  3. Upload a photo (optional)
  4. Write out your message in the text field
  5. Choose the type of notification you wish to send out (see previous paragraph)
  6. Tick the box “Make notification appear with every log in”, if you want the user to see the message every time they log into the system for the as long as the message is still relevant
  7. Choose the departments you want to see the notification or tick the box mark all if you want it to appear for all departments
  8. In the language field choose "Danish” if you want the notification to appear to the platform users who have the platform settings set to Danish. If you wish to send out the notification to users who have other language settings AND Danish language users, you must create to different notifications in each their language. 
  9. Choose the publication date, and expiration date of the notification. 
  10. Choose which roles you want to see the notification. 
  11. Conclude by clicking create. 
  12. Log out of HR-ON Recruit and then back on if you wish to see the how the final notification looks. 


The next guide will go over Email Templates.

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