This guide will go over the statuses. You can learn about the following:


What is a status label?


A status label in HR-ON Recruit refers to where in the recruitment process a potential candidate is. In other words, it lets you know whether the candidate has received a rejection, has been called in for an interview or is undergoing a screening process. 




Once a candidate has applied for one of your vacant positions, the candidate will automatically receive a status that indicates their status in the process. Every action you take in regards to the candidate will affect the status - for example when you send them a rejection, invite them for an interview or the like. 


When you first start using your HR-ON Recruit account, you can find different pre-made statuses that are connected to the actions you take in the recruitment process in regards to the candidates. 


Usually, a status is connected to an email template. For example, the template that concerns application rejections is tied to the status “rejection sent”, which is marked with the color red. 


Simply put, the statuses help you to easily navigate your candidates and keep the overview of how far you are in the recruitment process.  


How to change a candidate status

You can easily change the status of a candidate. There are two ways to do so: 

  • Automatically
  • Manually

Automatically: You change the status of a candidate automatically when you send out an email template when it has a status connected to it. You can change this by heading to settings > Email templates > Find the email template in question > click on edit (the three dots on the right) > scroll down to the bottom until you see “change receiver status” and choose a new status > click on save


Everytime you send an email template to the candidate their status will change according to the template you use. 


Manually: You also have the option of changing the candidate’s status manually. To do this, go to the list of candidates (via Applications > Choose job ad). You can see the status of each candidate next to their name. Click on the status and choose the new status you want to apply to the candidate. 


Please note that statuses are solely for internal use and to provide yourself with an overview. The candidate will never know of their status in the system. 


Lastly, you have the option of changing the status of multiple candidates at once. Click on the icon in the column on the left and click on mark all. The blue menu in the bottom lets you change the status by clicking on change status. Choose the status you want and click yes

How to create or edit statuses on your HR-ON Recruit account

If you wish to create new statuses or change the existing ones, you can do so by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. In the “Options” column click on the three dots and then edit on the status you wish to edit
  3. Rename the status in the text field below the colored circle
  4. Change the color (optional)
  5. Change the sequence of the statuses by clicking on the right of the status and then drag them either up or down
  6. Conclude by clicking on save on the right side of the picture


If you want to create a new status click on create on top of the picture as you can see on the image below. Assign a name for the status below the color circle where it says “new status.” Conclude by clicking on save. 

The next guide will go over Fields of Work and Job Types.

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