In this guide, we will walk you through on how to create a job posting. We will take a look at the following: 

Create a job posting

In order for you to create a job posting, you will have to either navigate to ''Overview'' or ''Job Posting'' and click on Create new job posting.

To create a job posting, you have to go through different steps where you will fill out different information such as who is the responsible recruiter, who is a part of the recruitment board, who is the contact person, and where should the job posting be published. 


Give the job posting a title

Start by giving the job a title; you can do that within the field Job Title and references. This is the title that the candidates see on your website as well as other external promotion sites that you publish to. 

The rest of the steps will follow. Please take a look at our next guide about internal information. 




In this guide, we have explored how you create a job posting. In the next guide, you can read more about the steps that are also part of publishing a job posting.

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