Reply to the candidates and access other correspondences

This guide will go over how you reply to one or more candidates at the time. We will go over the following:



Send rejections for the candidates


HR-ON Recruit allows you to send rejections to multiple candidates at the time. You do this by heading to the menu items Applications.


  1. Filter the candidates so the system only shows you the candidates you want to send a rejection to. The easiest way to do this is to click on status and then choose the status send rejection w/o interview”. You will now be able to see the candidates you need to send a rejection to. 
  2. Click on the icon mceclip0.pngin the upper column to the left and click on mark all on this page or mark all (in this case you will mark the candidates on page 2,3 too, etc.) 

  3. A blue button will appear on the bottom mceclip1.png. Click on this button and then send response on the dropdown menu. 
  4. You can now see the candidates that have received a rejection. The candidates cannot see each other’s email as they are BCC–receivers. Click on the right email template for example Rejection w/o interview. You can now see that the contents of this template has been copied to the email. 
  5. Double check to make sure the email is correct, and edit the template if you need to. Send out the rejections by pressing send. Note that the candidates status will change, and the candidate will now be archived and are no longer visible in the overview of incoming candidates. You can view them by clicking on show archived applications


Interview Invitation 


Take the following steps to invite a candidate for an interview:


  1. Go to the menu item Applications
  2. Find the candidate you want to invite for an interview. If you have a long list of candidates, use the status invited to filter through the candidates 
  3. Click on the letter icon on the right below Actions or tick the box next to the candidate. A blue button will appear in the bottom  click on this button and then on send reply on the dropdown menu. mceclip2.png
  4. Click on the  email template you want on the right below Interview. You can now see that the template contents have been copied in to the email. Edit the email if you need to. 
  5. Scroll down and find a time and date for the interview. In the next paragraph we will show you how you can set it up so that the candidate find a suitable time for the interview themselves. 
  6. Below Add members you can add the people from your organization that should participate in the interview. You can choose between all your HR-ON Recruit users. Choose a participant and click on add. Send out the invitation by clicking on send. 


Interview Invitation: Let the candidate schedule the interview


When you invite a candidate for an interview you have the option of letting the candidate find a date and time that suits them the best. 


  1. Choose the email template Interview - choose your own appointment (See the previous paragraph and complete step 1-3 first). Once you have found this template, the contents will automatically be copied into the field Message.
  2. Scroll down and choose time and place for the interview. Below Possible meeting times you can edit time and date and add more if you need to by clicking on add
  3. Below Add members, you can add the people from your organization that you want to participate in the interview.  Choose between all your HR-ON Recruit users. Choose the participants and click on add. Send the invitation by clicking on send


The email the candidate receives will look like this: 




When the candidate has scheduled the interview, all participants will receive an email confirmation. 


Access other correspondences


When you use HR-ON Recruit to communicate with the candidate, the entire correspondence will be available on the candidates profile that you can find by going to the menu item Applications. Click on the inbox icon to see the correspondence: mceclip4.png


When a candidate responds to an email sent from the platform their response will automatically be stored in the correspondence field. Their response will also be forwarded to the employee who has sent the email to whom the candidate responds. 


The Status column lets you see the status of your email. It will either say delivered or bounced. Learn more about this below.




The next guide will go over how you can request a digital signature for a document


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