This guide will go over the statistics you have access through on your individual job postings. We will go over the following:



General information


Your HR-ON Recruit account provides you with different statistical insights. You can access them via the overview (frontpage) or the individual job posting. This guide is about the individual job postings statistics. 


Statistics of the individual job posting


During the recruitment process you can access the available statistics through the menu item Job postings. In the column on the right you can click on view statistics. A window will appear with different statistical insights. 


Below you can see an example of the information this window provides about the applicants. You can see when the candidates access the job posting as well as what time they turn in their application. 




Additionally, you have access to statistics about the costs related to the job posting. You can see the cost of publishing on different job portals and the cost of each job posting view. 


All these insights are relevant so you can continue to develop and adjust your recruitment strategy for the next time you post a related job. 


In the next guide, you can learn about the log

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