In this guide, we will go through the publication of the job post. We will cover the following: 

Date and time

Under the section Publication, you have to choose when the job should be online on your career page. If you want the job post to go live as soon as possible, you just set the date for today date. 

If you choose a date in the future, then the job will be published on your career page and external job sites on that date, depending on your choice under External Publishing. We will cover this later on.



Under the Deadline, you can choose when the job has to close for receiving applications. It will happen automatically on the date and time that you select. 

When the application deadline occurs, the job post will automatically change status from Online to Pending. 




External Publishing

Under External Publishing, you can choose which platforms you want your job post to be viewed on. Not to mistake for your own career page; this is for extra exposure and getting you in front of the right audience. Click on Show more media to see all your options and mark those that fit your needs. 

We have not activated all the media, which you can choose from since there is many. But do you need a specific one, let our support team know here: HR-ON support.


In this guide, we have covered how to publish your job post on your career page and on external sites. In the following guide, you will learn how you share the job on your social media platform via HR-ON Recruit.  

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