In this guide, we will cover the section Candidate Interaction in relation to creating a new Job Posting. We will cover the following: 

Application Form

Under the section, Application Form, you can choose which application form you wish to connect to this specific Job. If you wish to know which questions the specific applications form contains, you can click on on Show form fields. 

If you have general questions about the application form, feel free to contact our support. Do you wish to change a few questions to this specific form, we will cover how to do so in the section below. 


Screening Question: Add screening question

If you have a specific question that is relevant to this Job Post, you can add that in the section Add Screening Question. You do that by clicking on the blue, Add screening question. Fill out the following things: 

  • Questions: Write the question you want to ask. For example: Do you have a driver's license? 
  • Subject title: Give the question a title. For example: Drivers license 
  • Applicant must answer with: You have 4 options to choose from. We will explain further here: 
    • Free text - applicant writes answer as free text: With this option, you get an ''empty field'' for the applicant to write in. 
    • Single choice - radio buttons - applicant makes only one choice from a predefined list of options: With this option, the applicant can choose an answer based on the options you have added. They will, in this case, be shown as so-called ''radio buttons'':

      You add the answers by clicking on Add option. 


    • Single choice - dropdown - applicant makes only one choice from a predefined list of options: Same option as the prior option, just shown as a dropdown instead of radio buttons. 
    • Multiple choices - check boxes - applicant makes multiple choices from a list of predefined options: The applicant can choose multiple answers from a list that you decide.

Before you save it, consider if the screening question should be required. Click the checkbox, Required question, if you want it to be. When you are ready to add this, you have to click on Save


Auto Reply

The following field is Auto Reply - this is where you choose which reply should be sent to the candidates when they apply for the job. The options are shown in a drop-down, and they can all be found in Settings > Email Templates. The auto-reply will be sent automatically to the candidates as soon as they submit their resumes and cover letter. 

Click on Show to get a preview of the auto-reply you choose. 



Under Consent, you can add one or more consents, which are the terms the candidate will be presented with when they apply for the job. Here is how you do it: 

  1. Add consent by clicking on Add and then choosing the wanted consent from the drop-down. 

  2. When you have chosen a consent, you have the option to make this consent required. You do so by checking the box Consent required. If you choose to do so, it means that the candidate cannot apply for the job before they have accepted the terms. If you leave it blank, it is up to the candidate to consent to the terms. 

  3. In the field, Renew consent, you can choose if the candidate should have the option to renew the consent when the old consent expires. If you choose never, the consent will not be renewed. If you choose Ones or Continuously, there will pop up extra fields for you to change. The candidate will automatically get an email where the candidate can renew the consent. If the candidate does not choose to update the consent, all data will be deleted from the CV database. 

  4. If you choose Ones or Continuously, there pop up to new fields for you to field out. Here you have to choose what consent will be sent out to renewal and what email template. You can choose to send out the same or a different one, depending on your needs. 

Read more about the setup of consent in this guide.


In this guide, we have walked you through the fields that belong to the interaction with the candidate in regard to the job post. In the following guide, we are going through the Publication of the job.


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