In this guide, we go through the steps which belong to the job ad itself. 

Job Posting Template

You can start by clicking on the little arrow to fold out the Job Posting section. Under the field ''job posting template'' you can select a premade template for your Job Posting. It can be a previous template or another that you have made beforehand. 

Would you like to create a template for next time? You can do that under Settings > Job Template. You'll be able to read much more about this here. 

If you choose a template, you will see that the content is being copied i the Job Description Text. And now, it is possible to edit the template. 


The Job Description Text 

In this field you put the text for the job post. If you have not chosen a template this field is empty and you can right the text directly in or transfer text from other sources like Word. If you choose to copy text from word into the field, you should use the word-feature to do so. See here, where you find that: 


This is important because text which is copied directly will be formatted through Word and will look different in the text field. To clean this, we have made the function above. Another way around this is to copy the text into the Notepad and then into HR-ON Recruit.



There are different options when you want to add a picture to the job post. Under the field ''Optional image for the job list on the front page,'' is where you put the image you want to have on the overview or front page of your career site. But note that it is optional. Click Upload to choose the image or choose one from the gallery. 

Besides that, you can choose a picture for the job posting it selfs. You can either choose on from your gallery or push the blue Upload button.  

Read more about how you add pictures to your gallery here. 

Other than this, you can add an alternative descriptive text that will be shown on the front page of your career page. This is optional. Leave it empty, and it will take the first piece of text from your job description.  


Language In the Application Form

You have the opportunity to select another language for your application form. When choosing another language, the form, buttons, and text will automatically be changed to the selected language.

You can choose freely between the language that is active on your platform. Contact support to hear more about your options. 


Fields of Work

Under the section Fields of work, you can add one or more relevant working areas such as sales, marketing, or financial and administration. 

The information is primarily used for your job agent. When potential candidates sign up with your job agent, they will be asked which work areas they are interested in. When you upload a new job and choose that area, they will be notified that there is a relevant job within their wanted field of work.  

It is possible to add or remove Fields of work under Settings > Fields of work. Read more in this guide.


Job Types

Under the section Job types, you can choose which form of employment the job is for. So that would be full-time, part-time, student worker, or whatever you have within your organization. 

The information is used just like Fields of work. So when potential candidates sign up with your job agent, they have to choose which Job type they are interested in. They will then be notified if their kind of role opens up. 

It is possible to add or remove Job types under settings > Job types. Read more in this guide. 


In this guide, we have walked you through how you add content to a Job posting. In the following guide you can learn about the interaction with the candidates. 

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