In this guide you can learn how you can filter the potential candidates. By filtering the candidate you get a solid overview by sorting through different competences. Additionally, we will show you how to add a screening question to your job posting that you can use as a filter. 


We will go over the following:



How to filter the candidates


As applications start rolling in it can be useful to sort through the candidates by filtering them based on different matters. You can do this by going to the menu item Applications or CV database, and then follow these steps: 


  1. Click on the funnel icon next to the search bar on the right. 
  2. A list of subjects will appear with a tick-box next to them. These subjects are based on questions you have asked in the application form as well as platform functions such as Evaluation notes and Consent status. 
  3. Below coloumn name you can assign a different name for the subject than what it has now. This can be useful if the name is long or a full sentence. Any change will only affect the visual aspect of the filtering. 
  4. Tick the boxes of the subjects you wish to base your filter on. You can save this filtering for later use by clicking on remember my choice in the bottom of the list. 
  5. Begin filtering by clicking on ok. 


The filtering topics will now appear in the overview of the applications. You can now sort these topics numerically or alphabetically. 

Add screening question and use it as a filter


This guide will go over how you can add a screening question to your job posting. Once you have added the screening question you can filter through the replies of the candidates. 


Go to the received applications overview to filter based on the screening question. 


You do this by:


  1. Go to Applications 
  2. Click on the funnel icon
  3. Find the screening question and tick the box
  4. Click on ok. You can now see the screening question in the overview. See the image below




Next guide will go over the different functions you can access through the candidates profile

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