In this guide we will go over how the job postings overview is designed, and how you can use its different functions. We will go over the following: 



The overview


When you click on the menu item job postings you will see a list of all the job postings you have created. Only active job postings will be displayed unless you use the slider that lets you see the inactive too. BILLEDE 


You can create a job posting by click on the button create new job posting. On the right side of the page you can search for job postings. 


In the overview you can see additional details such as: 


Duration: The publication date and application deadline

Job Title: The title of the job posting

Status: See the image below for further information

Responsible: Name of the person responsible for the recruitment process

Department: The department to which the job posting is attached

Hits: Number of click on the job URL

Applications: Number of received applications

Statistics: The statistics for the individual job applications. Learn more in this guide


In the right column you can find more functions that you can learn more about below. 


Other functions 


In the right column, next to each job posting, you can click on the three dots. Doing this will activate a drop down menu that contains the following:


View the job posting: Click here to get a preview of what the job posting will look like on your website

Edit: Click here to edit the job posting. You can also edit it by clicking on the title of the job posting. 

Copy: Should you wish to copy the content of the job posting you can do so by clicking here. The copied posting will have the same title including the word copy. Make sure you delete ‘copy’ if you do not want it to appear in the title of the job posting. 

Delete: Use this if you want to delete the job posting. We do not necessarily recommend doing this, but encourage you to use ‘archive’ instead. 

Archive: Click here if you wish to archive a job posting

The next guide will go over the CV-database.

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