The CV database lets you see all the CV’s of all the candidates that have consented to having their data stored in your system. This means that you can save the data of all the candidates that have expressed interest in you and your company, and who you can contact if it should be relevant in relation to recruitment.


This guide will go over the following: 

CV Overview

The CV overview gives you an overview of all the CVs you have received. You can find all candidates that have consented to having their data stored in your system for a limited time. Learn more about consent in this guide


You can see when the candidate turned in their CV, and details about them such as name and location. You can filter through the information you can see in the overview. Learn more about this in the paragraph below. 


Click on the name of the candidate to see their profile. Learn more about the candidate profiles here


Filtering options


As mentioned above you can decide which information you would like to see in the CV database overview. Do this by clicking on the icon Sk_rmbillede_2022-05-19_kl._11.34.29.png on the right side of the page and follow these steps. 


  1. When you click on the filtering icon you will see a list of topics that you can tick a box next to. The topics are based on the questions you ask in the application form as well as functions you can find on the platform such as Evaluation notes and Consent status. 
  2. Below the column name you can assign a different headline for the topic. This is relevant if it is a long word or sentence. The change is only visual in relation to the filtering.
  3. Tick of the topics you want to base the filtering on. You can save this filtering for the next time you log in by clicking on remember my choice in the bottom of the list. 
  4. Begin the filtering by clicking on ok


You can now see that the filtering topics are available in the application overview. You can click on the topic to filter numerically, alphabetically or a third way. 


Manage: Add candidates to a job posting


When you go to the CV database you have different options for managing the candidates. Tick of the candidates you wish to manage. This will activate a blue menu on the bottom. Click on this to choose what you want to do with the candidate. 


One of the more relevant actions you can take will be the function Add to job posting. This will copy the candidate along with all their information and add them to a job posting of your choice. You can decide whether or not you want to notify the candidate that they have been added to a job posting. See how in the image below. 



The next guide will go over Statistics.

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