This guide will go over the various information you can find in the log. The log lets you see who has accessed different data and when. This means that you can, upon request from the authorities or the applicants, account for how you have handled important personal data. You access the log by clicking on the shield-icon on the left in the menu. 


In this guide you can read about:



Email log


In the email log, you can see all the emails sent from your HR-ON Recruit account. You have access to details such as date, sender, receiver, topic and status. The status lets you know whether the email has been received or not. 




Job log


This logs gives you insights about the management of your job postings. This includes who has edited them, changed statuses etc. 


CV log


This logs shows you which CVs have been deleted from Recruit. This includes which ones have been deleted, by whom and when. 


Applicant deletion log


This is an overview of which applications the system has automatically anonymized based on the deletion rules of your system. Anonymization is the equivalent of deletion as all personal identifiable information has been removed. The log allows you to ensure and to document that the automatic anonymization takes place and works correctly. 


The next guide will go over the module Information.

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