This guide will go over the menu item Information. This is where you can find information regarding planned improvements and development tasks that the HR-ON team is currently working on, so we continue to provide you with the best user experience. 


On top of this you can find direct access to this Help Center. Simply click on the Help button and it takes you right to the Help Center where you can hopefully find an answer to your question. 


This guide will go over: 





By clicking on Information in the menu you will see a Roadmap. This roadmap contains information about all the ongoing development tasks and the ones we have planned for the next six months. 


The roadmap is continually updated, and as you can see the tasks have been divided into Prioritized and In progress. Prioritized are the ones our talented developers will take on soon, and the ones in progress are the tasks that they are currently working on. 






When you click on GDPR in the menu on the left, a  new window will open. This gives you information about all the steps we have taken to make sure that the recruitment system is in line with all the present rules for storing as well as handling personal data. 


You can read about each step and as well as where we are in the process of the not-yet completed tasks. 


If you wish to learn more about consents in relation to GDPR, go to this article

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