Request a digital signature for a document


In this guide you can read about how you request a digital signature for a document through your HR-ON Recruit account. HR-ON collaborates with the provider Penneo. 


We will go over the following: 


How to create a digital signature sending


To request a digital signature for a document, go to the candidates profile. Next, go to the key-icon in the menu and follow these steps:


  1. Documents staged to digital signature: Click on the blue upload button and choose the document(s) you want to request a signature for. Tick the box merge documents to single PDF if you wish to gather the documents into one file. 
  2. Signer for digital signature: As you can see, two individuals are already attached to the signature - the candidate and the person responsible for the recruitment. You can remove them if they are not relevant in case they are not relevant. You can also add signers by clicking on the field recipients and choose the relevant person from the dropdown list and then click on add
  3. Complete casefile: This step allows you to consider whether you would like the receiver to sign the document after the employer(s) have signed, or if all parties should receive the invitation at once. Next, choose how many days should pass before they receive an email reminder. Conclude by clicking on submit digital signature. The parties will now receive an email with a link. They will need their Mit/ID or Nem/ID to open the document. 


How to see if the signature has been submitted 


Once a document has been signed by all parties, you can find it in the candidates profile. Should any signatures be missing, this will appear. In this case, an email reminder will be sent from your HR-ON Recruit account. 



Do you also have an HR-ON Staff account? If yes, we recommend that you handle everything related to digital signature from your Staff account, as the document will automatically be stored on the employee’s profile. 


The next guide will go over the job posting overview. 

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