This guide will go over the different parts of the statistics module. You have three ways of finding the statistical information that you need, and the one you can learn about here is the one you can access through the menu. We will go over:



Number of job postings over time


The first box you see lets you know how many job postings you have created through HR-ON Recruit over time. The bottom buttons lets you sort between fields of work and departments. You can add as many as you would like to. 


You can also filter through them based on period start and end. 



Advertising costs over time:


The middle box lets you see how much money you have spent on your job postings. In other words, you can see which media or platform you have spent the most money on. 


  • The column media//product show you the media and/or the product 
  • The column Count shows you the number of postings you have ordered from this media
  • The column Price shows you the total amount of money you have spent by posting on the certain media


Below ‘advertising costs over time’ you can see the total period spendings. 


The graphs below this box gives you an overview of the advertising costs pr. year. You can filter by fields of work, departments and period start/end. 




Days pr. recruitment


In the box on the bottom, you have access to see how many days you have spent on each recruitment. This will be registered whenever you use the status Hired for a candidate - after you have found the right candidate and concluded the recruitment process. 


In this section too, you can filter based on fields of work, departments and period start/end. 


The next guide will go over statistics of the individual job postings. 

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